Yet another day that I left my love in the ICU

Yet another day that I left my love in the ICU. He is stable, and my kids need me at home, but these days I find it increasingly difficult to leave his side.

At home, the kids and I ate pizza for dinner. There were just a few pieces left and I asked if everyone was done before putting it away. Eliana said, “Wait, Mama. Save this piece. This is a special piece for Papa.” She then cut up a pear (also for Papa) and said “Mama, you have to tell a Papa I cut the pear all by myself and I didn’t cut my finger, ok? Tell him that the next time you go to the hospital.”

It has been nearly two month since our children saw their Papa and he saw them in the flesh. I pray a day will come soon when our family can be together in the same room once again.

~~ Angela

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