We won’t ever have this time again

Brutal, heart-wrenching day but I’m so grateful for this time, these precious moments. While holding his hand, I’m letting him go. It is sweet, gentle, tragic and beautiful.

Holding vigil by his side tonight. I can’t stand the thought of him alone. Grateful my brother is here with me. It will be a long night that will go by too fast. We won’t ever have this time again.  ~~ Angela

One thought on “We won’t ever have this time again

  1. Greg Asimakoupoulos

    Father, did You really need Jeremy
    more than they?
    Children need their dad.
    A devoted wife needs her husband.
    Praying parents need answers
    as siblings question why.

    Faith is hard when easy formulas fail.
    When Your will trumps our desires, we fall apart.
    And when outcomes do us in, we long to be held.
    We are children who can’t understand.
    So cradle the weak as only You can.
    Remind us how the “Tales of the Kingdom” end.
    Comfort us as we attempt to comfort one another.

    And forgive us, Father, as we candidly question
    the way this day played out.
    Help us to mean it when we pray,
    “Thy kingdom come.
    Thy will be done.
    On earth as it is in Heaven.”


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