We pray for strength to endure

Met with the oncologist. There is evidence of lymphoma in Jeremy’s gut, same spot as where it was when first diagnosed. It is not exploding but they are monitoring it carefully. Jeremy needs to get stronger before they can give him any meds or chemo. Please pray he gets strong enough quickly and the lymphoma does not progress.

I am still waiting to talk to the ICU doctor about the treatment plan for Jeremy’s feeding tube. With the obstructed bowel, Jeremy isn’t able to get the nutrition he needs because it just sits in his stomach. They can put another tube directly in his gut that would allow him to process food/meds. This would involve a surgical procedure that Jeremy needs to be strong enough to tolerate. Please pray he regains his strength and can have this procedure. There are so many meds he isn’t getting because they are only available in a pill form, good pills like pain relievers…

Jeremy also needs to be able to breath on his own. His lungs are strong but when he gets agitated he breathes harder, making the doctors put him on the ventilator. Each time he is on the ventilator it sets us back from getting his trach fitted with a cap so he can talk. And he desperately wants to talk. He has a lot to say .

The docs all say Jeremy is looking a lot better, a lot stronger today and they are encouraged. The oncologist was very clear that in spite of the evidence of disease, they are not giving up on him, there is still a lot of reason to keep fighting.

Right now we pray for strength to endure, strength to handle important procedures, strength to breathe so a Jeremy can regain his voice, strength to recover, strength to overcome. Thank you for joining us in these prayers. His mercies are new every morning, every hour, every minute…During these difficult days, we get to see and experience each new mercy in very a real way.

~~ Angela

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