We need help

Quickly. We are getting read to go be with Jeremy through the morning shift. Here’s what I woke up thinking:

For forty years I have kept a prayer journal in which I’ve recorded my requests, the answers to my prayers, and the way I’ve seen God intervene in my everyday life. I’ve learned that I identify answered prayers more readily when I pray specifically.

The Internet affords us the opportunity to experiment on a whole scale level with the impact of prayer. So here are some specifics regarding Jer’s condition. Pray specifically that:
The chemo inflammation in his brain will be healed.
The “spot” on his brain near his auditory canal will be gone.
He will begin to strengthen.
We can get him up to continue the interrupted physical and swallowing therapy.
He will continue to get deep sleep.
That God’s will and purposes will be done and we will rejoice in it.

Sometimes people want to help us, but don’t know what to do. We need help.

I would like to bring Christ’s love to this floor. A plate now and then of freshly baked cookies (bars or whatever) left in the kitchen for the staff with a thank you note would be great!

Tony Payne from Wheaton College Music Conservatory offered to come play the very silent grand piano in the waiting room. Other ideas? Maybe a noon-time concert every now and then. Small gatherings of prayer in the waiting room for everyone on the floor?

Also, when a family is under stress, our great Enemy attempts to brew trouble. Pray against the spiritual harassment. For instance, we have been dependent upon donor dollars for our whole marriage–a lifetime of dependency upon the good will of others. We’ve gone for days without any donations in PO Box 30, Wheaton, IL 60187. When this happens, I just begin to fast. This is an area where we are vulnerable, and those are the places where evil loves to hit us. Fatigue also makes us weary and stress cracks us along our character faults. Pray that we will be cautious in what we say and do constant attitude checks so we do not spread any more pain and distress to those around us.

I pray for the Mercy to surround all I love,
I plead the blood of Christ for all I know who are struggling and are feeble in various ways.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I refuse the attacks of the dark one.
I lean into the love of our Heavenly Father and proclaim that He is God of All and together we will defeat the purposes through our prayers and praises.


~~ Karen Mains

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