We are Hopeful

Jeremy is doing OK but feeling the full impact of his most recent round of chemo. He is also experiencing the side effects of steroids, another component of his treatment plan. Imagine feeling extreme fatigue but unable to relax enough to fall asleep and you’ll have some understanding go what Jeremy is experiencing.

He is up frequently throughout the night. Because of his mess, he is very unstable and prone to falling. It is quite alarming when he gets up at 12, 2, 3, 4, 5am very restless, wanting food or drink. Due to his propensity to fall, it could be a serious situation. After 3 nights of this, I was SO grateful to my mother in-law, Karen Mains, spent the night with us, helping Jeremy walk around, get food or drink, etc. That was amazingly helpful.

Due to Jeremy’s fatigue and some other issues, we scheduled an appointment at the clinic for Today to check Jeremy’s blood counts, etc. we are hopeful we can get Jeremy something to help him gain strength more quickly.

Thanks for your on-going prayers.

~~ Angela

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