Until we meet again…I’ll always, always miss you

Jeremy, my little brother,

My heart aches with how deeply I miss you already. Truth be told, I’m wasn’t ready to say goodbye. My body sobs at the thought of you no longer being here with us on this earth. I’ll miss so many of the little things that made you uniquely you–the way you’d throw your head back and you’d clap your hands when you’d laugh, the freckles on the back of your hands, your delight in reminiscing about family memories. I miss you, Jeremy. I’ll miss the scar on the side of your eyebrow from the stitches you had when you were little, the enthusiasm you had for learning, hearing you speak Spanish to your kids. I miss you, Jeremy. I’ll miss how much you loved to dream and plan, the way you didn’t hold grudges but chose to forgive, your ability to mimic foreign accents. You, my sweet brother, are missed. Your love for the Lord, your deep faith, your heart of compassion, your amazing artistic talent, how you were such a truly remarkable dad and husband, son, brother, and friend. Jeremy, I miss you. I’ll miss how stubborn you were, how you’d stick to your principles, how you refused to compromise. I’ll miss your great hand massages, the lumpy mashed potatoes you’d make at holidays, hearing you sing and watching you dance, the way you could talk on and on for hours. Jeremy, my little brother, I miss you. I’ll miss how proud your were of our parents, how much you thought of their legacy and of yours, how you loved music and travel. Jeremy, I miss you. I’ll miss your passion for life, your warmth and enthusiasm, and your approachable and generously accepting presence. Jeremy, no doubt, you made the world more beautiful. You constantly inspired me to be a better person. I miss you. You gifted me abundantly with the countless ways you loved and embraced life. Your life continually blessed mine. I love you, sweet brother.

Until we meet again…I’ll always, always miss you.

Your big sister,

~~ Melissa Mains Timberlake

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