Uncle Jeremy. I miss you

Yesterday was a very hard day. My uncle Jeremy passed away from cancer. I know that he is in a better place and with God in heaven…but I miss him. Uncle Jeremy, thank you for always being such a good uncle to me. I always bragged about how you could speak Spanish! This, I thought was very cool. I loved to just listen to you talk to your kids in Spanish, it didn’t even matter what you were saying! I love you Uncle Jeremy. I miss you, but I know you’re not gone.You’re just in a different place.. Thank you for being such an amazing uncle to me. Thank you for helping me with school projects and taking me on trips like going to the zoo with you and Aunt Angela. I love these memories and found moments very special and dear to my heart. Thank you for never forgetting my birthday. I loved always getting a birthday card from you.You were always interested in me.The compassion you have for others is something a lot of people don’t have. I love and miss you, Uncle Jeremy. I still can’t believe this is all real.

Josie Timberlake

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