Today, O Lord, show us all a sign of your favor . . .

Jeremy has this way of saying, “Mom. Would you mind doing a favor for me?” Since four of the words in this question contain consonants that are hard to pronounce due to his bilateral facial palsy–m’s and f’s–sometimes I have to lean in to catch his meaning. I’m finding myself saying (A LOT), “Sorry Jer, I didn’t catch that.” But eventually, I get this familiar Jeremy-phrase. Most of the time, since we’ve been spending hours in the closer Lisle Rush clinic, he’s been asking if I would rub his back or massage his feet, which I am always happy to do, though I feel it in my back and shoulders the next morning.

I have to also admit that I don’t hear as well as I used to, so some of my need for repetition is also because ambient noises and slurred consonants are out of my range. (Please don’t tell David since I’m the one nagging him about getting his hearing checked.)

Today, as I was reading through Psalm 86, I decided to write out all the requests the psalmist makes in this one passage: “Incline thy ear and answer me . . . Preserve my life . . . save thy servant . . . Gladden the soul . . .” And on and on.

I try not to beg and plead from God. Having walked with Him now for decades, I consider the begging prayer to be one that insults what I know of his “mercy and steadfast love and his graciousness” (verse 15).

However, because of Jeremy’s constant question during these days when he is in need of so much loving favor, I was struck with David’s prayer in verse 17, “Show me a sign of thy favor . . .”

I am not so old a child of God that I, like my beloved son, in this long and hard battle against lymphoma, don’t need occasional loving favors from my Heavenly Father, who is never hard of hearing and who willingly and eagerly bends to massage the bruises and aches of a weary soul.

Today, O Lord, show us all a sign of your favor . . .

~~ Karen Mains

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