Today is day 13 in Jeremy’s chemo cycle

Jeremy has been home for six days and has worked hard to get stronger. He insists on trying to eat something each meal and walking our street.

Today my parents took our kids to TN for the week. Jeremy only has one doctor’s appointment this week, so we are really looking forward to enjoying this week together.

Today is day 13 in Jeremy’s chemo cycle and we were told he will be at his lowest point between days 10 and 14, so we are right in the middle of it. Jeremy is taking it very easy today. Other than the fatigue and feeling extra weak, he has been doing well. Please keep praying for him. It would be awesome if Jeremy could go the next two weeks or so without incident.

The plan is for Jeremy to be home another 10 to 14 days before being readmitted to Rush for what will hopefully be his last round of chemo before his stem cell transplant. Thanks for your continued prayers!

~~ Angela

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