Things are Moving in the Right Direction but Slowly.

Jeremy’s heart rate briefly went down to 103 but is back up in the 110′s. They plan to do an MRI at 5. His oxygen levels have been reduced by half, meaning he is doing more work than before and the ventilator is doing less for him. Things are moving in the right direction but slowly.

Right now it seems we are dealing with two things: 1) Jeremy most likely has pneumonia which has given him the fever and compromised his lungs. 2) Jeremy is having neurological issues that are severe. As crazy as this sounds we are praying this is just toxicity to the chemotherapy and not cancer progression. We hope test results will be available tomorrow that will inform a treatment plan. Please pray for a positive outcome to both of these scary scenarios.

~~ Angela

2 thoughts on “Things are Moving in the Right Direction but Slowly.

  1. Nancy Spees

    Angela, E-Free Church in Keokuk has been praying since we heard about Jeremy’s illness from Craig and Mary Burton. Craig was pastor here for 18 years and I remember Jeremy’s parents visiting us at least once. No one can fully understand what its like to travel your road but God does as He is walking with you through this. Your family is in our prayers.

    Nancy Spees

  2. Adam Beyer

    Hi Angela,

    My wife and I have been praying for Jeremy and your family since I heard about developments a few weeks ago. I’m in a grad program at UIC’s west campus, in the medical district, close to Rush. I commute back and forth each weekday, so let me know if you ever need me to transport anything to Rush for Jeremy. I’m guessing you already have family and friends there each day, but I wanted to offer in case there is ever a need for that.



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