They plan to do the biopsy on Friday

Today while I was at work I got a call from the neurosurgeon asking if I give my permission for them to perform a biopsy on Jeremy’s brain. I had to listen to the purpose and the risks involved. Essentially they want to remove a small tissue sample to see if there are cancer cells present in the tissue. The procedure would produce three possible results: 1) Cancer present in the tissue, 2) No cancer present in the tissue and belief that no cancer is present, or 3) No cancer present in that particular sample and the possibility that cancer is actually present in the brain just not that particular sample. If this is the case, there would be no way for the doctors to prove it without doing additional biopsies and they would be basing their concern on hunches or clinical presentations of what they think they see in Jeremy presently. None of the possible results, save no cancer present and doctor’s believing that, is good. As a result, I don’t even know if the procedure, this horrible invasive procedure, is worth it. What a horrible thing to approve.

They plan to do the biopsy on Friday.

Please continue praying for us. These have been the hardest days so far.

~~ Angela

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