There are graces in everyday and in every hour

Arrived at the hospital at 7:45 a.m. having taken an express train into the city and a cab to Rush. Doug Timberlake and I (mostly Doug with his sports background) worked with Jeremy on some knee lifts fs he sat in a chair (at least for an hour) and encouraged him to do curls with a Gatorade bottle. It is work to catch what Jeremy is saying–for the listener as well as for him. Now the facial paralysis is complicated by a gurgle from the constant draining in the back of his throat. Jeremy is pretty determined to move however though extremely feeble, so he went at the Gatorade curls and knee lifts with some vigor (given how weak and feeble he is). Doug, my son-in-law, has this wonderful way of using humor to exhort and encourage (certainly a spiritual gift) and said something to the effect of “Wow! Are you trying to outdo Arnold Schwarzeneger?” at which time Jeremy lifted the Gatorade bottle ABOVE his head–no mean feat in his condition. We are constantly surprised with his humor (when we can understand him). I need to start writing this stuff down (for those in the Mains family, it is a little like Grandpa Mains’!) Today he asked several times, “How are you doing Mom?” which sounds a little like Ohouoinon, then “Are you getting enough sleep?” which sounds a little like Ohouoieep. Such considerate kindness from him under the circumstances.

I saw the Chicago Bulls basketball player, Joaquin (sp?) Noah, in the hallway on the fourth floor today. Must remember to tell Jer about that tomorrow!

There are graces in everyday and in every hour. We just must keep our eyes open to see them.

~~ David Mains

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