The stimulating conversation has been interrupted

The stimulating conversation has been interrupted. The scheming and dreaming has been put on hold. Your learning curve has leaped beyond anything I can imagine. You were more than a son to me–you were a challenge to my intellect, a source of renegade laughter, a one man resistance movement, an non-conformist without being an anarchist, a wise inquirer who took the time to understand me, then explain me to myself. Dad and I, it appears, have some things to finish up here on earth. He is 77 and I am 70. See you soon, dear friend. See you soon. We’ll talk more then.

~~ Karen Mains

4 thoughts on “The stimulating conversation has been interrupted

  1. Craig Burton

    It hurts. Someone said that grief is a lot like having your house burn down. It takes a long time to figure out all that you lost. As we move ahead we discover more and more what we miss about our loved one. All of these losses have to be grieved and sometimes revisited and grieved again and again. It is not an overnight process and it is why we are encouraged to “do our grief work” as opposed to trying to ignore our feelings. Sorry you have to face such pain. No parent should have to. You are correct – we are almost at the finish line when we will be with our loved one forever – and our pain will end.

    Brother Craig

  2. Rosemary

    What a beautiful mother you are. I love how you describe Jeremy. I didn’t know him, but I prayed for him and all of you. I continue to pray for you. Jeremy has come to mean so much to me; I even see from his obituary we share the same birthday. I felt God praying in me for Jeremy Mains, I interceded for him in a deep way, a man I supposedly didn’t know, but a brother in the Lord. My brother died at 30. His name was John, and now I know they are together.

    As someone I didn’t know said to me at my brother’s funeral: “He was a great man.”

  3. Rosemary

    I just wanted to let you know I’m Soren Johnson’s sister-in-law in DC. He told me about Jeremy’s story, and I was so struck by his bouyant spirit, by Angela and by your whole family.

    I am so, so sorry for you loss. I am a mother too.


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