The Mains voice rises again

I have just read my son Joel Mains’ post about his brother Jeremy who died at 41 two days ago. I am overwhelmed.

Fifteen years ago, the Enemy, through the misguided efforts of some Christian brothers and sisters, attempted to close down the Mains family creative voice. Angela Mains, Jeremy’s wife and now widow, has risen through these many months as an articulate and honest chronicler of her husband’s journey through cancer to death. Melissa Mains Timberlake, Jeremy’s sister, has posted breathtaking observations. Now Joel Mains’ voice has risen. And Angela is beginning to go through Jeremy’s diarys and journals finding exquisite writings.

Glory be to God! No matter death. No matter slander. No matter onslaught. No matter devastation. The Enemy is defeated. The Mains voice rises again–in multiple replications and with decades more of continuing expression. HAH! We win!

~~ David AndKaren Mains

One thought on “The Mains voice rises again

  1. Maria Nelson

    Dear family of Jeremy

    I have been following his journey and have
    Prayed for all if you thru this difficult time.
    I have been blown away by Jeremy’s amazing love for Jesus and dedication to his family. Thank you for sharing his journey I will forever be touched and changed

    Maria Nelson


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