Thank you to everyone for making our sad, special day so beautiful

While we are still grieving the loss of Jeremy, words cannot express the beauty and perfection of yesterday’s activities. It was the first Orthodox funeral Jeremy and I have ever attended and it was beautiful – exactly what Jeremy would have wanted.

He has been laid to rest in Glen Oaks cemetery, within walking distance from our house, next to our most favorite park. He is surrounded by beautiful, old oaks…I know it is the place Jeremy would’ve picked for himself. The kids and I have already stopped by to visit him, telling him the plans for our day. It is a place of peace, of beauty, of rest.

The reception immediately following the services was amazing. I am incredibly grateful to the Johnson family for opening their ministry house to us, allowing more than 100 people to come together in honor of Jeremy. The house belonged to Henrietta Johnson. Jeremy, in his youth, was often found in the kitchen, chatting with Henrietta. They had a common interest in serving others. Both went to meet the Lord they loved on November 5 (although years apart) and they both leave behind a strong legacy of living intentional, well-examined lives. I can’t think of a more perfect location to gather to celebrate Jeremy than that beautiful house, surrounded by nature.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of others who made that time so comfortable for us all. I don’t even know how many people cooked or donated food and drinks – I only know that over the course of two days my kitchen and front porch were over-taken with contributions. Friends set-up and cleaned up. I don’t even know who was all involved and there is no way I can thank everyone adequately enough to express how meaningful it was. Most importantly, it was so Jeremy. I know he would be overwhelmed, moved to tears, by the amazing generosity of others. At the same time, I know it was exactly how he would want people to come together. He would want it to be beautiful, hospitable and focused more on community than lots of pompous formalities.

Thank you to everyone for making our sad, special day so beautiful. I know Jeremy would be honored and humbled by it all. May his beautiful memory be eternal.

~~ Angela

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