Thank You Profoundly

On behalf of our entire family, we want to say “Thank You!”

Thank you kindly for your heartfelt prayers on behalf of Jeremy, Angela, and their children.Thank you kindly for your ongoing prayers on behalf of Jeremy’s parents, David and Karen Mains, and Jeremy’s siblings, Randall, Melissa, Joel, and their families.

Your prayers, words of encouragement, acts of loving kindness, and tangible expressions of support, have been immensely appreciated throughout¬†Jeremy’s 5-month battle with Lymphoma, and now during our grieving and recovery process, your love is deeply appreciated as well.

We all wanted a different outcome – a healing process to succeed – a restoration to occur. There was some hope that medical skill could beat Jeremy’s Stage 4 diagnosis, but ultimately his life rested in our Lord’s hands. God was the only one truly capable of performing the miracle that was required to heal Jeremy, and for reasons unknown to us, and despite the many prayers lifted up on Jeremy’s behalf, He elected not to cure him from cancer. So we trust in God’s goodness despite this disappointing outcome, and we entrust Jeremy, the impact of his entire 41 years on earth, and the conclusion of his life into the hands of our Lord.

Jeremy lives now where there is no pain or suffering or heartache, and where one day we will be re-united with him in Heaven. We anticipate that day with incredible longing.

Angela continues to write openly about her journey, and you can visit her postings at her new blog:

Again, you have our most sincere and grateful appreciation for all your support.

~~ Randall Mains


“He is not here. He has been raised, just as he said. Come and see the place where he was lying.”
Matthew 28:6 ISV

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