Spent an uncomfortable night with Jeremy

Spent an uncomfortable night with Jeremy. His bed was to small/short so he couldn’t get comfortable and barely slept. My chair was lousy and I was up each time Jeremy was.

But, the sun came up and we have good news. Jeremy’s cold is on the mend and he is getting stronger. The antibiotics are making him weak but he should get stronger once he’s off the meds.

The even better news – the results from the bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday revealed no cancerous cells. This is great news and yet another confirmation that, in spite of colds and infections, Jeremy is getting better and the cancer is responding very well to the chemotherapy. This is so very encouraging. Thank you for your prayers – God is listening.

I don’t know how long Jeremy will need to stay in the hospital. He is out of the ICU but still needs antibiotics. We know the doctors want Jeremy to make a good recovery and get stronger before doing another round of chemo and Jeremy is grateful for the “break”.

Please continue praying for him. We are now off schedule in terms of his chemo but we are glad the cancer is responding. Pray this break doesn’t cause any additional set backs or allow the cancer time to grow again. Thank you!

~~ Angela

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