Some Hard News

Met with the doctor this morning and received some hard news. The MRI they did yesterday shows changes in Jeremy’s brain and the doctor doesn’t know if this is disease progression or a reaction to the chemotherapy or something else. They believe he isn’t getting stronger like he should be and they are quite concerned.

Tomorrow they will test his spinal fluid to see if they can find cancerous cells (the fluid was clean less than a week ago) but this test isn’t able to identify cells in his brain tissue. So the doctors aren’t sure what this all means. Other than the possibility that the disease is progressing in his brain, this could be another kind of infection or a reaction to the chemotherapy. They won’t really know for sure unless something shows up in his spinal fluid tomorrow or an MRI next week provides a more clear picture. Even then they still may not know.

When I questioned the likelihood that this was disease progression given that all the other tests showed the lymphoma was responding well to the chemotherapy, they said sometimes this, reduction in some areas, progression in others, can happen. Again they aren’t certain this is the case but that is the basis of their concern.

So we need your continued prayers. In my opinion Jeremy is very week but he is lucid and the nurses can agree to that. He hasn’t slept well at all for four or five days so I think his presentation looks worse than he is after he gets a good rest. The doctor today said she had never seen him “like this” which is a bit alarming for her and causing concern.

Please pray Jeremy gets renewed strength and demonstrates significant progress over the next few days. Pray the spinal fluid is clean and the follow up MRI provides less alarming answers. We have been in scary places like this before and they have worked out. God has been kind. I think the unknown and testing to eliminate scary possibilities is the hardest part.

Thank you for your prayers. We need them today and in the days to come.

~~ Angela

One thought on “Some Hard News

  1. Lou Gutheil

    His name shall be called Emmanuel, “God with us.” Angela and Jeremy, He IS with us. Christ lives in us. Disease and sickness cannot dethrone Him. He dwells in us to comfort, encourage, equip, strengthen, and lead. Speak to Him in every moment. Let Him inhabit your praise. Thank Him for every good thing, because they all come from Him.

    He loves you. Rest in His love. Know that we pray for you continually.

    Lou & Judy Gutheil


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