Smile – Here is the rainbow we’ve been praying for

I spoke with my father in-law David AndKaren Mains who is with Jeremy this morning and was able to talk to a few of the residents at the hospital this morning. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk with the attending physician (but I hope he returns my call soon), so the specific details are not as clear as I would like to present but overall the news is positive. At this point, the doctors believe whatever they are concerned about related to Jeremy is due to a reaction to the chemotherapy (which he has had before) and so they are holding off on an MRI and not doing the biopsy that was scheduled for tomorrow. At this point we just need him to get stronger and healthier and improve – which he has been doing slowing over the past few days.

We don’t know what this means for the future and we still need Jeremy to improve in order to continue with his treatment plan. At this point he is behind schedule for round four chemotherapy and we don’t know what that means. There will likely be more news as we learn more about our next steps in the days to come.

Jeremy continues to need your prayers. He is completely lucid, telling jokes and sharing his thoughts. He is also quite weak, particularly in his legs. Thankfully, because his family has been with him, advocating so boldly for him, he’s been up and walking the floors for the past few days, getting a bit stronger each time. It seems he needs constant support and someone advocating for him in order for him to make the improvements the doctors need to be seeing.

Jeremy continues to battle the remnants of a cold. It is still rather difficult to hear and understand some of the things that he is trying to say due to a stuffy throat/vocal cords. Please pray that this cold goes away quickly so Jeremy can resume drinking (swallowing) and communicating more clearly so the medical team can more clearly understand him and that his presentation is a more accurate reflection of his health.

Lastly, please pray for the doctors, nurses and staff on the hematology/oncology floors at Rush. We understand it has been a rough few days there and they could all use prayers.

Thank you for praying with us and for us and witnessing this rainbow of hope with me. We appreciate your continued prayers. It is wonderful and comforting to have you all along on this journey.

~~ Angela

One thought on “Smile – Here is the rainbow we’ve been praying for

  1. Lou Gutheil

    Jeremy and Angela,

    I am sending you the link to a song that has meant a lot to me in difficult times. As I continue to pray for you, I am certain that the words will speak to your heart as though they come directly from our Father in Heaven. Please listen to it. If it does not work by clicking on it, then paste it into your browser, then just listen and let God minister to you.

    Know that our God understands and is touched by both our feelings and our infirmities. He will take care of you.

    Lou Gutheil


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