Serious and Dangerous Situation – Prayers Please

We need your prayers in what feels like our most desperate hour yet. Jeremy is back in the ICU. Overnight he had difficulty breathing so they moved him to the ICU and he is now on a ventilator. He also spiked a very high fever – 103.8. Doctors don’t know exactly what is wrong and that is scary. This a serious and dangerous situation. Thank you for your prayers.

~~ Angela

One thought on “Serious and Dangerous Situation – Prayers Please

  1. Marcia

    Father in heaven,
    I come to you with specific prayers for Jeremy and his family. First I pray that the fever go down. You know what is raging within in him. You can speak the word that causes the seas to roar or be calm. You spoke and the fig tree withered. Speak now. Cause the fever and the cancer to subside and be calm, just the Sea of Galilee. Father, I ask that You speak the word and cause the cancer to wither. It breeds viciously and within Jeremy.

    The doctors don’t know. Well what do YOU know? You know! You have allowed this to happen to Jeremy and we are so pushed to understand the severity of it. I ask that You make Your point to those around him and let this season be behind him. Bring it to close Father. Jeremy and Angela have a lot of living to do. I’m asking that they can get on with raising their family.

    Dr. Mains has work to do and so does his wife, I’m sure. Yet all is paused as we focus on Jeremy. Father, isn’t it enough? Is this a ploy of the enemy to derail the work of Your children for the cause of Christ? Surely they are building a huge testimony there in the hospitals and with friends and family, but I am hard pressed to believe this their gifting! Surely, Father, I appeal to You, to bring the testimony of Your Righteous Son to the people there and can we then be done with this?

    Everyone is exhausted to the core. It’s one set-back after another. Surely we submit to Your will but I also plead this case before Your throne of grace! Grace Father! When is the grace! Jesus, our Advocate…please advocate for Jeremy’s release – for him and for his family. Is there a cosmic battle like with Job. Surely we do not see it all. We see only the flesh and blood —but pray against the principalities of Satan.

    Father, let us not be ashamed for we put our trust in You! How many prayer have You hear for Jeremy, for Angela, for the family? Might we be expending our energy differently for the Kingdom of Christ? Might we be pleading for the lives of the lost around us? No. we cannot do it all. Silence this situation. I beg of You. Silence the cancer. You caused John to be speechless. I ask You to cause the cancer to be without voice in Jeremy.

    Uphold the family Father. Are they all prayed out at this point? Are they at a loss for prayers? Bring them before You for rest. Deep rest. You rested Elijah. Rest Jeremy and all those around him who minister to him. Grant them new prayers. Grant them praise. May a hearty, unstoppable rain of one hallelujah after another rise up from within them is a sacrifice of praise to our God.

    May praise well up in great fervor. May thanksgiving for Jeremy’s release be without end. May the righteousness and light of Christ prevail and blind the enemy. Stun him and drive him from this family.
    Jesus, You came to heal the sick and set the captives free. You have already made this request possible. I ask it in Your Name.


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