Seeing Jeremy’s Personality Shining Through Has Been One of the Great Highlights of These Recent Weeks

This morning while I was talking with Jeremy my brother, Dan Kinder, entered the room. It was a total surprise. He had spent Friday afternoon and evening making the long drive from Nashville, TN to Chicago. It was great to have him hang out with Jeremy and I and spend the afternoon with our children. Thanks to having the extra help, we took the kids to Sunny Acres for the rides. It was a sweet afternoon. Jeremy wants me to take our kids to church tomorrow morning, so Dan will go back to the hospital to hang out with Jer in the morning.

Dan hadn’t seen Jeremy in about two months and a lot has changed. But Dan will say Jeremy was better than he was expecting and in spite of his speaking limitations, he is mentally 100% here and you can still see Jeremy’s personality shining through.

It has been a good day with special time with Jeremy, a sweet surprise visit, and a fun afternoon with the kiddos…

Seeing Jeremy’s personality shining through has been one of the great highlights of these recent weeks. So grateful for God’s grace.



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