On the Path to Going Home

While I wasn’t able to talk with the doctor directly, the nurse told me the doctor was very happy with Jeremy’s blood counts today. All of the important numbers, like white blood cells (immune system), hemoglobin and platelets (things that help blood clot) have made big increases overnight, which means Jeremy’s body is recovering from the most recent round of chemo. It also means his immune system is getting strong enough to fight off infections (but still weak enough to require antibiotics).

In other good news, Jeremy’s lab results have shown no growth or signs of the bacteria causing his infections, so that seems to be clearing up nicely.

He spiked another fever last night but it was quickly resolved with Tylenol. He woke up cheerfully but was quite tired by the time we arrived with the kids. He is sleeping soundly now. We are walking the fine line of balancing his need to rest/sleep and recover from chemo, infections and fevers, and the need to get up and about, exercise, eat, and not sleep the day away (which can lead to more blood clots, atrophy, other hospital illnesses, etc). The plan is to let him rest for a bit but get him out of bed in a short while.

We still need to go a few days without a fever so that is part of the prayer for today. It is possible that the doctors have found the source(s) of the fever and have/are addressing them. It is also possible to not know what is causing them. However, as Jeremy’s immune system gets stronger, hopefully the fevers will subside soon.

Feels like we’ve turned a corner and are on the path to going home…Thanks for the continued prayers and support.

~~ Angela

One thought on “On the Path to Going Home

  1. Elizabeth Hurlow-Hannah

    Sunday morning in Oregon, July 28

    Your posts today brought tears of joy. I can empathize with the Chemo Fatigue, and continue to pray for Jeremy’s strength to rebound. It’s a ‘fine line’ to walk, trying to get the right amount of exercise against the overwhelming fatigue. Everyone is ecstatic that Jeremy’s home-and we’ll pray that he finally gets to stay there. All of that love and support is very good medicine.

    In HIS Love,


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