My brother is fighting the good fight

In the last few weeks I was able to spend time in Chicago with my brother, Jeremy Mains. I visited with him numerous times — five of those in the ER, ICU or Kellogg Wing at Rush Medical Center, one for a visit with him, his wife Angela and his kids at Revolutionary War days at Cantigny in Winfield, IL, another at his home in West Chicago. It was something my wife, Carmel, encouraged me to do, having seen cancer invade her family years ago, and it gave my folks an opportunity to recharge their batteries for the next long phase of being supportive and helpful to Jeremy, Angela, their kids, and the whole family.

Every one of those moments was a incredible chance to spend time together, and reflect on the quality of his Christian character, for Jeremy treats everyone around him with concern and regard and kindness, despite being heavily beat way down by his chemo treatments, compromised by ongoing fevers, struggling with facial paralysis that prevents him from normal speaking, eating or drinking, and just plain living on the edge, trying to overcome complications that arise from battling this aggressive disease called Blastic Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Most of us would be grousing, griping, whining or complaining, or just screaming aloud, but he is fighting the good fight.

He’s an incredible guy and I’m sharing some of the pics of those moments, in this post. I’m also asking for your prayers, encouragement and support of Jeremy and Angela, as they battle through this incredibly difficult time. Jeremy is back in ICU today, with further traumas, and he needs your prayers that God will sustain him, encourage him, heal him, and restore him. He is very weak, but I believe he has been sustained to date by the prayers of those around him, whose intercessions have protected him so far from numerous complications of true seriousness and magnitude. As his journey is not yet finished, please continue to lift him up in prayer before our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Giver of Life.

~~ Randall Mains


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