May God be with Jeremy during this trip he is on

Last night I dreamt I woke up, alarmed Jeremy wasn’t in bed next to me, wondering where he was. He’d been gone for so long. I got up anxiously and looked out our bedroom window onto our driveway in time to see Jeremy’s car pull up. He got out, looked amazing and was carry gifts and luggage up to our front door. I ran out to him in the cold, in my nightgown, angry he’d been gone for so long but thrilled he had come home. Throwing my arms around him, we embraced and I said “Where have you been?”. Still embracing he replied, “I told you I was going on a trip. I’ve been to Boston and a bunch of other places. I’m sorry I was gone longer than expected. Look what I brought back for everyone.” I held on to him tightly, relieved he was back, safe at home.

Then I woke up and for 10 or 15 cruel seconds I was still in Jeremy’s arms as I left my dreams and returned to reality.

May God be with Jeremy during this trip he is on, much longer than we expected. May he return to us swiftly, bringing stories from his journey, gifts for us all, and most importantly his strong, warm embrace.

~~ Angela

One thought on “May God be with Jeremy during this trip he is on

  1. Gina Blakeslee

    I am a mantle cell survivor. I want to let you know you are in my thoughts and for what they are worth, my prayers. The love and commitment you have so graciously shared with all who read this blog is truly inspirational.

    I was diagnosed in January, 2012 ( stage 4, no B symptoms) If my experience or emotional support can help you in anyway, please just let me know.

    I am a wife (Ralph) and mom ( Emily, age 20). I am a social worker and business owner. I have a good ear and listen quite well!

    I am in New Jersey.

    Please continue to take great care of yourselves and do not give up hope.

    Gina Blakeslee


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