In honor of Jer

In honor of Jeremy Mains – He fought the good fight and refused to be discouraged by every trial he faced during his valiant battle. Here he is, back in the hospital in July for another unexpected month long stay with full facial paralysis demonstrating his fighting spirit. This is why I love this man so much….  ~~ Angela


One thought on “In honor of Jer

  1. Robert

    Dear Angela, I am so saddened to hear this news. Frankly, I’m taken aback. I met Jeremy at SWPI in Nanchong in March 1998. He was in his second year there and was with Chris, who was in his first year. We went to a club in town, “the Chinese House of Funk” he called it. (I’ve got some video if you’d like it). I admire the courage and strength of both you and Jeremy. God bless you both. Robert


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