“I need to go home. I missed my kids desperately.”

How many hospital related set backs can one person have? New this morning, Jeremy has a minor clot in his arm at the site where blood is drawn, very common in patients with prolonged hospital stays, and it needs to be treated with antibiotics and warm compresses. It could also cause fevers.His temp bounces from 98.5 to 100.2 and his arm is causing discomfort.

Thankfully, the antibiotics are working on the previously diagnosed infection. due to the chemo, he has virtually no immune system right now. In order to be released he needs to go 48 hours without a temp of 100.5 or greater, the blood clot has to be resolved and the blood work has to continue to show no signs of infection.

He is so tired of being at the hospital and we are at the point where we just expect him to have another issue, one he likely wouldn’t have if he were home already. This morning his discouragement was evident when he looked away from the doctor and said, ”I need to go home. I missed my kids desperately.”

~~ Angela

One thought on ““I need to go home. I missed my kids desperately.”

  1. Pammy Woods and Family

    I am currently reading your Mum’s book “The God Hunt”. I can only guess that finding God through this trial is painfully difficult. He is there in your pain and suffering. I am praying that you will be able to go home, and be rejuvinated by your sweet children soon.
    Blessings to you and yours


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