I Love the ICU Care

I spoke with Jeremy’s nurse awhile ago and she believes he is making improvements. His vitals are more stable and while he did have a fever overnight, it was mild. She also believes he is a bit stronger today than yesterday. As a result, they are making plans to transfer Jeremy out of the ICU and back to the “floor”. I must admit, I’m a bit sad to leave the ICU as I love the extra care Jeremy receives when he is there but it is reassuring to know he no longer needs to be there.

Please keep praying for Jeremy. He’s white blood count rose a bit yesterday but then dropped again today. They are pretty sure it is connected to the antibiotics he is on but they feel the antibiotics are doing more good than harm so it is better to keep him on them. Having a low white blood count means Jeremy is weaker and more susceptible to infections. Thanks for your prayers!

~~ Angela

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