I am Grateful My Mom is Staying With us Again

I am grateful my mom is staying with us again, running things at my house, keeping things clean, being sure laundry is done, feeding the animals, taking out the trash and most importantly, taking care of the kids and managing their mornings and evenings as they get ready for school and do educational activities each evening. It is a ton of work multiplied since it is being done far from her homeĀ in TN, far from my father, her friends, her life. Because she is here I am able to be with Jeremy every single day. And I need that. I am spending tonight in the ICU and I know I will sleep so much better here knowing he’s ok. Plus, he’s so much more communicative – the thought of missing our interactions is just too dreadful.

Thanks, Mom, for being here. I don’t know how I’d manage all of this without you here.



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