Help on the Weekend

I am making plans for this weekend and was wondering if anyone was free and interested in staying overnight with my kids Friday evening to Saturday morning so that I can be with Jeremy at the hospital? If that were to work out, I would also need someone (maybe the same wonderful person or another wonderful person) to take Nehem to his soccer class at the Warrenville Park District that runs from 9 to 9:50 Saturday AM. I would plan to be home mid-day on Saturday. Call, text or message me if you are free and interested in this Thanks!

~~ Angela

2 thoughts on “Help on the Weekend

  1. Lou Gutheil

    Someone once said that “Every day is a good day; some are just better than others.”

    Jeremy, hang in there. This is when we rejoice in the struggle because our Father is using it to draw us closer to Him. Let Him be glorified in you, now and for all eternity. Judy and I pray for you daily. We are believing God to bring radical change into your life, your families, and all who know you or will come to know you.

    We are expecting Him to show His grace and glory. How blessed to rest everything in our Father’s hands.

    Lou Gutheil
    Pathmaker Marketing

  2. Steve

    Angela & Jeremy –

    Jeremy, long time no see. Keep reading and you’ll know who I am!

    Angela, I would be happy to zip out some time and run any errands, watch the kids some time. I am not an expert with wee ones, but my schedule is flexible, days or nights, so I’d be happy to do what I can.

    Jeremy, you and I were more acquaintances than buds, but you at one point had a cool connection with my dad (a teacher at We-Go): I remember over a period of a few weeks you came over to our house in Winfield and spent hours with him in his studio working on that dragon for the school play. Good times!

    For a number of years I’ve known through the grapevine that you and I have a similar interest in Spanish, although that developed after the years we were in high school together.

    Angela, looking forward to helping out some day soon. You can text:

    two two four – two two seven – four three six eight


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