God is good–all the time

Prayers with every breath–waking or sleeping. Just brought David back from cataract surgery; doing OK there. Yesterday, with Cristobal A., David told a baseball joke and Jeremy laughed from his belly (which caused him to cough causing the nurse concern about aspirating). Chris was great–so hopeful about his own brother, Dan’s long year-and-a-half journey through a battle with death. Spoke Spanish to Jer with Jer squeezing hand. Physical therapist, Jennifer, whom I adore ,worked with Jer and interpreted his body language to us and continued to teach us how to work with him without harming his fragile body. How dreadful to be waiting, then I hear this quiet word, Jeremy is OK. No matter what the doctors say, Jeremy is OK. I have no idea what that means, but it certainly calms my spirit. Love you, Angela–the only time I get mad about this is when I think of what you are having to manage. God is good–all the time.

~~ David AndKaren Mains

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