Enjoying special time with Jeremy today

Spent all night with Jeremy and am enjoying special time with him today. He is eager to talk but can only mouth words due to the trach. He is very eager to move about and exercise. The nurse and I spent the morning taking turns giving him massages and moving his limbs in various ranges of motion.

I hung pictures of the kids and wrote a few descriptive pages about Jeremy and our family that I┬áhung on the wall. When Jeremy could talk he frequently asks questions about the kids, like “where are the kids now? Who is watching them?” He also asks questions about our pets. Knowing how we are, where we are, that we are safe and healthy is very important to him. When I can’t be here, the nurse will use the descriptive information about our family to talk with Jeremy and let him know everything is OK. I’m so thankful for nurses and medical that go the extra mile to take care of a Jeremy.

~~ Angela

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