Connecting even without speaking

Please pray for us today. I know so many people are and have been constantly. Thank you for joining us as we cry out to our God regarding Jeremy’s current health situation.

I am back at the hospital today and the first thing the nurse said was that both the ICU doctor and Jeremy’s oncologist wanted to know when I arrived so they can talk with me about their findings from Jeremy’s CT scan yesterday. In spite of all we’ve been through, this is first time they’ve ever wanted to discuss the results in such a way, making me quite nervous. Please pray for what this day has in store for us.

Jeremy is much more responsive and eager to communicate today. He mouths words but we can’t understand what he is saying because he is unable to produce sound. It is very frustrating for all involved. Jeremy is more agitated, likely frustrated from being unable to talk as he would like. I am so glad to be here with him, praying over him and connecting even without speaking. Thank you for your prayers as this day unfolds.

~~ Angela

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