Beautiful light …

The most beautiful light is getting dimmer. The lymphoma has rapidly progressed in Jeremy’s brain and doctors are unable to treat it. The ventilator is doing 100% of the work meaning he is on life support. Doctors say we have hours, maybe days left. We are keeping him comfortable, holding his hand, staying by his side, telling him we love him, over and over again (what else is there to say?)

My mom and brother are bringing our children to the hospital to see their Papa one last time and say goodbye.

God be with us during these precious hours.  ~~ Angela

5 thoughts on “Beautiful light …

  1. Ed and Denise Aulie

    Dearest Angela, David and Karen,

    To see Jeremy looking right at us and everyone in this photo, makes our hearts stop, focus and grieve. We remember the lively, active, incredibly interested in life, people, art and languages. We remember him vivacious and oh-so-able to verbalize on many wonderful and diverse topics.

    He lived with us a summer – in our home and up in the mountains. We still have a cartoon drawing he did at that time that remains a favorite.

    I remember him as a little boy when we visited David and Karen. He was running off to school without his snow boots and Karen called him back reminding him what to wear. Karen laughed out loud and looked at me to see me grinning too. He was the CUTEST little boy, and big boy, and young man, and ……husband, father.

    On that same visit, I remember him coming into the room where I was trying to rest as I was pregnant and Jeremy was all of 8 years old, just itchin’ to have someone to play with. I said, “What are you up to Jeremy?” to which he replied, “I can’t say I’m bored. My mom says I can’t use that word.”

    I never saw him bored. I saw him alive and active….diving in feet first.

    But now to see this photo. To see that gaze and to read your words Angela of the light dimming….

    It is so much for us to take in, here in Mexico…but you there? the children? David and Karen and the siblings? Our hearts break for your hearts’ breaking. We ache for you and for the little ones. Thank you for writing at this time and for giving us an entrance into this sacred hour that you are facing.

    We pray now for you with all our hearts,
    Denise and Ed Aulie
    Cuanala, Mexico

  2. Chellena Ellerman Kessler

    Angela – Lifting you all up in prayer tonight. Praying that you and Jeremy will have an overwhelming sense of peace and feel God’s presence during this time together.


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