Battle Gear

jeremy-mainsSo very early in this journey Jeremy was inspired to create a t-shirt to wear as battle armor. He remembered an old U2 song, “Bad”, in which Bono the lead singer writes about a friend of his in Dublin who was so depressed he committed suicide on his 21st birthday with a heroine overdose. Bono’s life affirming words that resonated with Jeremy were:

But I won’t fade away
I won’t let it slip away

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
I’m not sleeping
Oh no

The photo from the album shows a very defiant young boy who looks a little like a young version of Jeremy. The model is the same age as Jeremy and Jeremy has a 6th grade school photo in which he looks an awful lot like the kid. All this to say, Jer’s got his battle gear, he’s defiant, and if the cancer comes knocking, he’s wide awake, he’s not sleeping…oh, no.

– Angela

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